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Ordinary Finds

Mange tak Bent

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The Lamp

you can hurry the pictures toward you but
there is that point that the whole thing itself
may be a passage, and that your own ability
may be a factor in time, in fact that
only if there is a coincidence of yourself
& the universe is there then in fact
an event. Otherwise—and surely here the cinema
is large—the auditorium can be showing
all the time. But the question is
how you yourself are doing, if you in fact
are equal, in the sense that as a like power
you also are there when the lights
go on. This wld seem to be a
matter of creation, not simply
the obvious matter, creation
itself. Who in fact is any of us
to be there at all? That’s what
swings in the matter, also—
the beam hanging from

Charles Olson

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"We belong to none if not to the golden point of that lamp unknown to us, inaccessible to us, which keeps courage and silence awake." Rene Char

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Songbirds Duel and Make-Up With Duets

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