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a literary magazine published in Gloucester Massachusetts, 1975-1981

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3.5 years old

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Kind of Blue

50 years ago today

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cool iris

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Pontederia Cordata - Pickerelweed

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Osmunda regalis ~ royal fern

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The day was noiseless and draped with storm clouds; a fog will-o'-the-wisped up and over the leaden pond; the place seemed to throb with deep energy, buried under a grey mantle of solitude. Some strange gods had to be living there.

Bogs of the Northeast
Charles W. Johnson

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Coast of Maine

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Rosa palustris ~ swamp rose

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A Photographic Workshop in Western Maine

October 9 – 12, 2009

The fall is a wonderful time to come to Western Maine and Women With Cameras is offering a 3 day workshop at the height of foliage season! Our workshop will be based in Brownfield Maine at the Edge of Maine gallery. We will explore three different photographic projects over the weekend. For the panorama (the “faraway” view) we will climb into the Burnt Meadow Mountains. We wil do nature/botanical studies (the “up close” view) in the magical Brownfield Bog. Our final project of the weekend will be a documentary series at the famous Fryeburg Fair. This is a digital workshop and a basic working knowledge of your camera is required although any level of photographic experience is welcome

Cephalanthus occidentalis ~ buttonbush

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